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Board member & Advisor


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We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers. And at Meltag,
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Global Presence

March 22, 2015

Meltag won the prestigious
TiE50 Silicon Valley Start-Up competition

Meltag has started his journey with many hurdles and achieved many milestones in short period of time. And now it concentrated on the TiE50 silicon valley start-up competition where around many companies around 2716 top TOP start-ups screened globally. Among all those companies meltag.com stood his place among TOP 50 startup ......


March 22, 2015

Meltag has Won HYSEA Rewards the Hottest Startups of 2015

In order to encourage and promote Entrepreneurship & Innovation in IT/ITES HYSEA has been organizing and rewarding start-ups and giants alike by conducting the Annual Industry Summit & Awards. This year was the 23rd edition of the same. The awards were given out in 6 categories HY10 – Hyderabad’s hot 10 start-ups.....


March 22, 2015

Program in India

One of the fastest growing names in chocolate sector has achieved 5% increase in sales and 80% reduction in sales promotion costs by using the meltag® for all loyalty solutions. meltag’s Loyalty Program enables you to build loyalty programs in India for the unorganized retailers, and for all types of brand owner to connect......


March 22, 2015

Ruchi Group chooses Meltag as it’s marketing and sales promotion ....

Ruchi has selected meltag® as it’s marketing and sales promotion automation partner to design and execute its sales promotions. meltag® will be enabling instant gratification & Sweek-stakes based consumer promotion programs on their premier brands – Sunrich & Mahakosh The key aspects of this engagement include.....